International Distribution

Already in the 1960s and 1970s the export of medicinal products was an important part of our business activities. At that time we shipped our products, especially those household remedies based on old Thuringian recipes to eastern European countries and the former Soviet Union.

In today's globalized world we build on this experience and exporting our products currently to more than 10 countries worldwide. Our products have been widely successful and have been well received everywhere. Our Health Product Assortment addresses all important health concerns and in total we carry over 40 different products.

Our company group has built up a good reputation nationally and internationally as a reliable and competent partner in the supply of high-quality medicines, homeopathic products, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics. Our focus lies on our products manufactured in Germany or fabricated in our behalf in Germany. Thus we can guarantee "Made in Germany" for quality products.

We operate with a simple concept – ex works prices, we do the paperwork to export, prepare the goods for international shipment and our partner does whatever is necessary for importing the goods. We also have excellent contacts in the transportation industry and can arrange shipment to an agreed upon location. We can provide you with certificates of analysis and free sales certificates to aid your registration efforts. We also hold the manufacturing license to produce, to package, label and release non-sterile OTC drugs in liquid, semi-solid and solid pharmaceutical form.


Worldwide exportations

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René Ladégaillerie

Hofmann & Sommer GmbH und Co. KG

Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Fabrik
Lindenstraße 11
07426 Königsee
Telefon: +49 163 625 505 1
Telefax: +49 36738 659-119

Middle East exportations

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Diba Parnian Fard

Middle East Export Office

Güntzelstraße 24/25
10717 Berlin
Telefon/ Telefax: +49 30 861 6118
Mobil: +49 171 754 3545